Quality: to do better what we do

We work with passion and steadiness to improve ourselves and get bigger every day.
Always been.

This is witnessed by our Quality certificates, which represent the result of a respectful, organized working process, conceived to keep the production
and delivery standards of our products high.

Roda Forge is certified ISO 9001 for a very long time; recently we obtained
the IATF 16949 certification, a new achievement that witnesses
the value and specialization of what we do.

3D simulator

With our simulator we are playing
a completely different music

More power. More attention. More precision.
Our effort is to improve consistently our work
to offer our customers all the quality they deserve.
That’s the reason why we have optimized our automatic simulator:
we import geometries, select materials,
set up process parameters in order to avoid the occurrence of problems
by molds mounted on a specific press.
This is the way we can enhance our work,
while minimizing possible damages or defects in the mold.

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Strada delle Grange 1
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