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In Roda Forge we have transversal skills which help us offer our customers complete and taylor made solutions.
As in a concert different instruments play together producing harmonious melodies, that’s what happens here:
we take care of the design and construction of the molds using 3D simulation technologies,
conceived to provide an accurate analysis of the material behavior during the forging process.
We perform an accurate check-up of the raw material by verifying its traceability, to guarantee the best quality for the finished components.
Our multidecennial experience in forging our achievements and goals speak for us worldwide

Our certificates show clearly how much care and attention
we put in the development of our products:
our professional ability of doing well in compliance with the current norms
and specifications. We do it for your and our safety.

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Strada delle Grange 1
10070 Front (TO)


Strada delle Grange 1
10070 Front (TO)

+39 011 925 1710
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