Hot forging

Mechanical works

Within a branch location, Roda Forge is capable of carrying out precision mechanical works.
Through the utilisation of CNC single and double spindle lathes, work centres for a numeric control and 2 rectifications, the company is always in an avant garde position in order to offer a first rate service to clients, characterised by the flexibility and productivity.

The machinery, the instruments of our orchestra

2 sawing maschines s56
1 Ficep screw press 900 ton
2 Vaccari screw presses 600 ton
1 Vaccari screw press 1100 ton
2 forging units 2500 ton
1 Caddy 80 hydraulic cutter
1 Ficep screw press 5300 ton
2 Caddy 140 hydraulic cutter
1 forging units 4000 ton
1 forging units 1600 ton

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Strada delle Grange 1
10070 Front (TO)

Fraz. Buasca 1
10080 San Colombano (TO)


Strada delle Grange 1
10070 Front (TO)

+39 011 925 1710
+39 011 925 1224

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